Leave a bequest

A gift in your Will allows you to leave a lasting legacy. Your gift will help families affected dementia and help us develop understanding to create a more dementia friendly community in the future.

How to Leave a bequest in your Will

The number of people with dementia is expected to skyrocket over the coming years. Your bequest can help Alzhiemers Northland plan for the future and help us to grow with the increase and ensure that everyone in Northland affected by dementia receives the support they need. The gift of a bequest in your Will ensures that organisations like Alzheimers Northland can also plan ahead.

There are two types of gifts you may like to make:

1. Leaving a specific amount
2. Leaving a percentage of your estate

A gift, large or small, will bring hope to those living with dementia, and enable us to continue our work within our community.  Every dollar helps in our efforts to:

  • Give expert, nurturing and kind care, support and respite to families in Northland affected by dementia
  • Run education programmes for professional health providers to help develop understanding of the complexities of dementia
  • Give the right support to families to help them have a positive journey.

It helps us to know if you are planning on leaving a gift to Alzheimers Northland and we can provide all the information you need. If you are planning on leaving a gift please get in touch with Hannah Hunter.