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Q: I’m quite a private person, do I have to do lots of sharing if I join one the Alzheimers Northland support groups?

A: Over 100 caregivers come along to our support groups every month. Some share, some just listen. The thing everyone has in common is that they are all caring for a loved one with dementia. What we hear most of all is how much of a relief it is to talk to people in the same boat, feel free to say things that others might not understand and know that the people in the room do.

Q: What does Alzheimers Northland actually do?

A: Alzheimers Northland changes the lives of families affected by dementia. We help families face their biggest challenges and by supporting them through thick and thin we can help families to live well with dementia. Our community advisors currently support hundreds of families, offering understanding around the challenges faced by the whole family and provide help and support where it’s most needed. Over 100 caregivers benefit from our support groups every month. Our free day programmes run throughout Northland. They offer stimulating, fun and social activity enabling people with dementia to maintain a dignified and fulfilling life. These programmes mean that we are able to give over 100 hours respite to caregivers every week. A vital lifeline that helps carers to cope with the day to day challenges that can come with dementia. We are also constantly advocating for people living with memory loss and health needs and informing health professionals of the special needs of people living with memory loss.

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