We need your help urgently to ensure Northlanders living with dementia don’t lose vital support services.

This year we should be celebrating 30 years of providing life-changing services, but instead, we are fighting to keep our services going.

Over the last few years, we have provided support for some of the most vulnerable people in Northland. We have kept unbroken services running throughout the pandemic to ensure even the most isolated families receive the support they deserve. But, the pandemic has been devastating to our income generation. 

Now we need your help. Please consider donating.

When you make a gift you will be helping us to continue to provide our vital services for whanau in Northland. You are helping to bring together people so they don’t feel alone, helping families cope with the challenges of dementia and helping us support families through times of crisis. You will be helping Northlanders live well with dementia.


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